Skate Wheel -v1

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Skate Wheel is the new game from Full Battery Games. This game is based on obstacle dodging. The circuit is a semicircle tunnel and you’ll be moving a ball, your first objective will be to avoid crashing into the different obstacles that will appear on the screen, for that you’ll have to move to the right and left so you can continue the race. Meanwhile you dodge this obstacles you also have one more objective, to collect diamonds to buy rewards on the shop, so the objective of the game it’s up to you, what will you choose, beat your record playing safer? Or risk everything to get enough diamonds and buy that item you’re searching for?

Skate Wheel -v1 Free Apk Download

Skate Wheel-v1 Apk Download

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Apk Download com.fullbatterygames.skatewheel Android App

Skate Wheel

package id com.fullbatterygames.skatewheel
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Catgory Action
version 1
Skate Wheel-v1 Apk Download

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