Skyward Astronaut Game -v4

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In this Skyward Astronaut Game an astronaut with a jetpack got lost on planet Mars. Help the astronaut to escape and get back to planet Earth.

Skyward Astronaut has three levels of difficulty. Choose for easy, hard or crazy. Test and show your skills by going up into the next phase.

Avoid all obstacles and keep tapping on the screen to go up!

Skyward Astronaut is a free game by the Grunn Games Developers. GG will update this exciting game with more stages soon, but first we want to know if you can beat the current ones.

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Start your jetpack and leave Mars,

this is Skyward Astronaut.

Skyward Astronaut Game -v4 Free Apk Download

Skyward Astronaut Game-v4 Apk Download

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Skyward Astronaut Game

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Skyward Astronaut Game-v4 Apk Download

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