Slimescape -v1.0.22

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Help your fellow slimes from the grasp of the evil ones and find the way back home!

Slimescape is a fun arcade platformer game which will test your logic, mental agility and coordination. Try finishing all the levels helping the slimes along the way.

Currently the game consists of eleven levels, each one presenting unique challenges to the player. You will follow the story of the slime George, tasked to find and rescue other missing slimes.

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– 11 different levels in 7 different environments
– Progressive difficulty which will test your skills
– Realistic physics
– Easy controls
– Entirely free and playable offline

More levels further expanding the story comming soon!

Slimescape -v1.0.22 Free Apk Download

Slimescape-v1.0.22 Apk Download

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package id net.slimescape
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Catgory Action
version 1.0.22
Slimescape-v1.0.22 Apk Download

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