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He was returning from work. It was dark outside. Once he had loved the darkness and the night, but after he met her, everything changed. He changed. There were a few more steps left and he was almost at his car. Every time he got into his car, he remembered that trip to the lake with her. It was a good day, even the best day of his life. He put the key in the ignition switch, then he pressed the gas pedal, and finally he drove home. Another day had passed without her. He drove the car forward. The road was almost invisible, and he was not feeling well. He wanted to sleep. His eyes closed by themselves. He thought it would be better to call a taxi. Sudden bump! Then the sound of breaking glass. He was clamped in a vice; he could not move. He felt life leaving him. However, for some reason, it seemed to him that this was not the end.

Someday Latest Version Free Apk Download

SomedayLatest Version Apk Download

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SomedayLatest Version Apk Download

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