Space Chicken Shooter -v1.00

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The craziest chicken fighter is born, and now YOU can control it! The game is simple at first… DESTROY EVERYTHING. But even the elite chicken needs the help of the Ultimate Champion (you?) to defeat dozens of obstacles across the galaxy. We're talking of course about Missiles, Lasers, Raccoons, Owls, Supernovas, Frost Novas, and every other Nova you can think of!


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– Multiple Chicken Heroes to choose from!
– Tons of upgrades!
– 60 Levels that will take you between 3-80 days to complete!
– Operatic Chicken Music! (Yes we went there)
– Unique abilities for each Hero that have been legally inspired by other games!

Space Chicken Shooter -v1.00 Free Apk Download

Space Chicken Shooter-v1.00 Apk Download

Apk Download com.blackbatata.spacechickenshooter Android App

Space Chicken Shooter

package id com.blackbatata.spacechickenshooter
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Catgory Action
version 1.00
Space Chicken Shooter-v1.00 Apk Download

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