Space Crew : Multiplayer AR (B -v3

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The game is in development. Please give your feedback.


Matchmaking with your friends

Create a game with a password and tell your friends to join your game room using just an ID.


When all users join the lobby, you can start the game!

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Place your galaxy onto the real world.

– Place virtual world as you wish, handle scaling and rotation of it using user interface.

– When you press okay, then your friends will see the same on the real world using their devices.

Take advantage of augmented reality playing space battle against your friends.

– Target your camera to where you want to shoot and use controllers.

Space Crew : Multiplayer AR (B -v3 Free Apk Download

Space Crew : Multiplayer AR (B-v3 Apk Download

Apk Download com.Letsoft.SpaceCrewAR Android App

Space Crew : Multiplayer AR (B

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version 3
Space Crew : Multiplayer AR (B-v3 Apk Download

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