Spirit Saga: Eggplant Escapade -v1.9.8

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A game about flying on an eggplant!?
Play as a high schooler who gets the chance to ride a magical eggplant and travel the skies all the way to space!
Why a high schooler? Why an eggplant?
You'll have to play to find out!

◆ Gameplay
– Throw eggplants at evil spirits that come toward you. Just tap to shoot.
– Clear all the spirits to face the boss at the end of each level. Beat them within the time limit to get Gems and make your eggplant stronger!
◆ Clothing
Get different outfits and accessories to give your protagonist different looks.
Collect them all!
◆ Free Play Style
Play both horizontally and vertically.
Hold your phone upright to play with one hand and throw eggplants forever!

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Spirit Saga: Eggplant Escapade -v1.9.8 Free Apk Download

Spirit Saga: Eggplant Escapade-v1.9.8 Apk Download

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Spirit Saga: Eggplant Escapade

package id jp.usaya.nasu.gl
Rating 4.66
Catgory Action
version 1.9.8
Spirit Saga: Eggplant Escapade-v1.9.8 Apk Download

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