Stack Crash – Fire 3D Ball -v1.3.1

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Stack Crash – Fire 3D Ball is a 3d arcade game with no registration required.

Player plays via touch to smash, bump and bounce through revolving helix platforms to reach the bottom of the tower.
The bouncing ball smashes like a brick through colorful platforms, but be aware to hit the black one, otherwise it will game over!
Once the ball hit with black block, it will crash into peaces and your journey start again with the starting point.

You can save your ball's life even it hit to black stack, but how? For that you need to fire ball.
Play your game as much as speed and complete the ring, will convert your ball into fire ball.
Fire ball have small life to hit any kind of helix including the black one.
Watching reward video will revive your life one more time and you can continue your game play wherever you missed.

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Easy to learn one tap controls
Crazy fall speed
Amazing graphics
Great game play
Super addictive

More risk, More fun is the golden rule of the Stack Crash – Fall Fire Helix 3D Platform Via Ball!
If you have any feedback or suggestions, please leave them on the reviews! We'd love to hear you.

Stack Crash – Fire 3D Ball -v1.3.1 Free Apk Download

Stack Crash - Fire 3D Ball-v1.3.1 Apk Download

Apk Download com.gamermania.ballgame.stackball Android App

Stack Crash – Fire 3D Ball

package id com.gamermania.ballgame.stackball
Rating 0
Catgory Arcade
version 1.3.1
Stack Crash - Fire 3D Ball-v1.3.1 Apk Download

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