Story Time – English Stories -v1.0.2

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An educational, interactive storybook and audiobooks app that’s great for helping english learners to enjoy reading on their own.

English students get to experiment at their own pace, and they’ll easily be able to understand the stories and construct sentences by themselves right away.

• Teaches english learners basic reading, grammar and useful vocabulary.
• A great way for english students to enjoy reading on their own.
• Original music, sound effects and beautiful cartoon artwork.
• The stories make reading english easy and fun!

By learning English through story, english students will develop their own love for learning the English language.

The stories and audiobooks are full of simple sentences, so non-native and very young readers can easily understand. English students will quickly learn the rules of english sentence structure and grammar as they get faster at putting sentences together.


moral stories in english will help english learners to:

• Advance their reading, listening and speaking skills
• Learn the rules of English sentence structure and grammar
• Short story in english is the best way to have fun while learning english
• Memorize vocabulary and learn english grammar
• Learn on their own and at their own pace!

Story Time complement language skills learned by users of our Fun English app. The stories further advance young learners' English skills.

Each story and audiobook is based on the vocabulary from a Fun English lesson and shows vocabulary from the lessons in context, allowing english students to learn english and review and expand their mastery of the vocabulary.

Stories and audiobooks categories:

Simple english story and Fairy tales in english; Fairy tales provide a great opportunity for students to listen to a familiar story in english in an imaginative context.

Moral stories in english: Moral values can be a great foundation for everyone.

short stories in english for students: stories and audiobooks intended for learners at different levels of learning English.

Learning english through stories and audiobooks is the best way to for students to learn basic english words, expand their english vocabulary, learn basic english grammar and improve their english listening and reading skills.

Download our app now and read the best english books and listen to our amazing collection of english audiobooks and moral stories.

Story Time – English Stories -v1.0.2 Free Apk Download

Story Time - English Stories-v1.0.2 Apk Download

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Story Time – English Stories

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Story Time - English Stories-v1.0.2 Apk Download

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