Street Girl Fighting -v1.0

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Get yourself together lady warrior! Knock out brisk fighters in this action charged street girl fighting game. Defeat the supervillain girls, gangster diva & challenger ladies. Crush the nemesis, become extreme wrestling superhero, prodigy, protector & guardian. The superstar showdown has begun! Beautiful women fighters have summoned to participate in a limitless combat war. Ultimate street battle has commenced! Become ultimate fighting champion. Be Focused & aggressive, strike with power and speed, evade attacks of rival fighters.
So are you ready to rumble on streets? Featuring moves from various fighting techniques and martial arts comprising kung fu, karate, ninja, boxing, mma, contact combat. Do you have what it takes to turn into superb fighting hero or heroine? Move swiftly, resist the enemies, and keep your fists clenched. Fight bad girls.
Storm your opponent, crack bones, smack heads and thrash bodies. Bash lassie criminals. Infinite battles shall be fought. Pound roughneck girls & knock them out. Beat outlaws. Female Villain is powerful. Pummel outlaws in tournament. Dodge blows in clash with gangster babes. Thump the roughneck. Fighter contest is fierce. You would encounter violent missy criminals. Outlaws are hardcore. Jump, punch, kick and block attacks from damsel bosses. Use special powers to do more damage to your opponent. Player would fall several times, but stand up and fight back.
Gamecraft Pro is presenting the best one on one, hand to hand girl combat fighting game!
Utilize special powers comprising ground pound, ground punch, wraith blast and thorn rise to clear waves of extreme bad gals.
Develop into a merciless karate master. Unrest is everywhere, Suppress battlegrounds with valor. Engage in fierce Street assault. Crop up as elite crime fighter. Develop as the queen of fight house. Wrestle your way past street mafia. This free game reminds you of classic fighter enjoyment. Tear the adversary gals apart. Intensify your strength and stamina. A Fatal fight is underway. Goon girls are on rampage and destroy everything that comes in their path. Bandits are on the offensive. Instill fear into hearts of criminals. Tough chicks are approaching from Underground clubs. Chaos has spread throughout. Anarchy is far and wide. Injustice must not prevail. Some sweethearts are coming from brawl club. Terminate all villain ladies in duel, feud. Scuffle is dangerous. Do you want to convert to a fight expert? Take out mastermind lady which is boss of all clans. Crime gang is increasing its influence. Fight evil women. Tussle is terrorizing. Superhero must finish villain. War is imminent.
Prove your mettle, Demonstrate that you have determination of steel & iron.
So what are you waiting for, download now, it is free-to-play.
This is a new high quality video game.

Exceptional fighting game exhibiting awesome graphics and sound
Awesome fighting characters
Challenging rivals
Impressive fighting moves with special effects
2 Modes: Story and versus
Number of levels: 12
Addictive play, keeps you hooked for hours!
Download now its free. Take minimal storage space.

Landing three punches in a row triggers an uppercut combo
Tapping a kick three times in a row will deliver a spinning hook kick
You can also attack while jumping

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Use block option frequently to dodge attacks
Apply crusher strike when dealing with hard gangsters or their groups

We hope you like it, your feedback is appreciated.

This free game is an intellectual property of GameCraftPro – copyright 2017.

Street Girl Fighting -v1.0 Free Apk Download

Street Girl Fighting-v1.0 Apk Download

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Street Girl Fighting

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Street Girl Fighting-v1.0 Apk Download

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