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1. Collage function (arrange Graphic elements on the photos)

To create new composite photos (PNG format)
by selecting any photos from the user's photo library and arrange the illustration Graphic on it.

2. Easy to create a chequered pattern

Create a chequered pattern with a simple operation.
Enable to place illustration elements on it. Save as a composite photo.

3. 60illustrations.

Heart mark, various jewellery, flowers, birds, butterflies, stars, moon, etc. Offers amazing and beautiful illustrations.
The composite images using these illustrations are free to share as long as it’s not for commercial purposes.
(Note: Users may not distribute the provided illustrations solely for any purposes such as personal use and commercial use.)

4. Import the illustrations or photographs of user’s creations.

You can import the illustrations or photographs created by uses as elements.
(Note: limited only PNG format)

5. Wide variety of colors

There are also illustrations provided for users to put color in.
Choose from Japanese name and English name including about 900 colours.
(Colour datas derived from ‘Colordic’website)

6. Color picker

Choose any photos from user's photo library and pin-point the color as a set of five colors.
Register multiple sets.

7. Offering a function of the pattern Graphic creation for expert

Create a pattern Graphic when saving a composite photo used in expert mode.
A pattern Graphic is a file memorised the position, the size and the angle of the elements.
Exchange the pattern Graphic with other people freely.

8. Simulation with a pattern Graphic

Using a pattern Graphic with the same composition and change only elements to simulate.

9. Exchange the pattern Graphic with other people.

(Note.: The agreement confirmation page will appear when opening this application.
Terms and Conditions is on the StyleRinpa support page.

StyleRinpa -v2.0 Free Apk Download

StyleRinpa-v2.0 Apk Download

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StyleRinpa-v2.0 Apk Download

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