Survive in October University: -v1.10

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The Game is presented in first person where you have to survive one day in the university mall, you will find guns , items and resources which are generated in different location each game ,and also you can craft them, zombies will attack from everywhere , make sure you make the right upgrades and get high GPA (game points).

The application allows you walk in the university mall ,get locations of services (restaurants,banks,bookshop) , and know information about them ,and you can also order from shops if you are within university mall.

Game Features:
– The game presented in 3D and first person shooter style.
– Items are generated in different locations each game.
– 20 types of zombies.
– 50 levels.
– Plenty of weapons.
– You can build sentry guns or build walls or build radars.
– Craft system.
– Full graphic control for high-end devices and low-end devices.
– Upgrade system.
– Rate system gives you more if you play well.

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Deluxe Edition Features:
– 2 More Sentry guns (Laser Ray sentry , Flame Thrower sentry) + more drops from zombies.
– Freeplay Mode : Infinity Waves ,How Long can you survive ?
– Nightmare Difficulty : for Hardcore Players Zombies are more powerful.
– 5 More check points at (Wave 6, Wave 12, Wave 18, Wave 24, Wave 50).
– No ads.
– 100% GPA when you play offline.

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Survive in October University: -v1.10 Free Apk Download

Survive in October University:-v1.10 Apk Download

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Survive in October University:

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Survive in October University:-v1.10 Apk Download

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