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Sweeper is an endless runner game where you have to get as far as you can without leaving trash behind!

The big city is full of trash and the mayor wants it clean, but they ain't stopping the traffic and cause a jam JUST FOR THAT, they rather build an exclusive trash truck road crossing at a higher level above all other roads and send a runner to bring the top sweepers in the city!
Aniceto will do his best to sweep through the trash all the way to downtown while his boss Abundio drives the trash truck to collect it.
As Aniceto, you must sweep the inorganic trash in time and not make Abundio stop the truck or he'll quite literally fire you!

* Sweep the trash to ease the traffic jam.
* Collect organic trash for extra income.
* You can throw snacks at Abundio to make him brake for a… break.
* Endless runner and increasingly difficult level for endless fun.
* Post your best score on the public leaderboards or share with friends.

Tap, slide and hold to make Aniceto happily hop in that direction until you release or change direction.
Aniceto will never stop hopping in the air mid-way, so it's recommended to release the tap often in critical places in the level.

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Your reliable broom will never jam or let you down!

Who's the greatest sweeper?

Play Sweeper now and have fun!

Please submit your bugs and technical problems at [email protected]

Sweeper -v1.6.1 Free Apk Download

Sweeper-v1.6.1 Apk Download

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Sweeper-v1.6.1 Apk Download

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