Tanks Battle: Endless Destruct -v1.1.6

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Just a tanks battle on some random generated city arena – nothing special. Sure, here we have some nice features – like time scaling and boss fights, but in common – It's just an endless game about tanks destruction – nothing less, nothing more. Don't take this project too serious 😉 If you liked it – check out our other projects.

•  6 Weapons – such as Cannon, Minigun, Laser, Blaster and more! Each weapon will help you to fight robots with more fun! 4 of them is opened right after first run, but Laser and Blaster will require to conquer Bosses!
•  4 Robots Platforms. Each mech (except bosses) consists of platform – thing that will move, and weapon – that can be changed during gameplay. Each robot platform have its own characteristics – like HP, Ammunition, Speed.
•  3 Mech Bosses. They are unique. In future will be added more, but at first – try to fight those battlemech! It's already hard to do!
•  4 Building Types. Each level is a procedural generated city where you will destroy buildings. You can destroy them all (yeah!!!!) and gain artifacts. And if your goal in current stage is to destroy bases – you will need to destroy required certain buildings.
•  11 Artifacts. After each part of building, or enemy robot is destroyed – new artifact will be generated. It can be as usual – weapons or HP, but it can be for example time-slower! Just try it out!
•  Basic RPG system – improve your character as well as your own skill.

Tanks Battle: Endless Destruct -v1.1.6 Free Apk Download

Tanks Battle: Endless Destruct-v1.1.6 Apk Download

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Tanks Battle: Endless Destruct

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version 1.1.6
Tanks Battle: Endless Destruct-v1.1.6 Apk Download

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