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Tattoos are an art in which a person makes unique and interesting pictures on his body. Maybe for men tattoos can be symbolized as a symbol of masculinity and courage. But did you know the history of the tattoo?
Well, now I want to tell you a little why a tattoo can exist in this world ^^
Rajah or tattoos in English we usually call "tatto", actually comes from the word that comes from the Tahiti language meaning to "mark or mark something".

The existence of merajah body in the world culture has been very long exist and can be found in all corners of the world. Historically, the body has been rajah since 3000 years BC (before Christ). Tattoos were discovered for the first time in a mummy contained in Egypt. And supposedly it is considered that makes the tattoo then spread to the tribes of the world, including one of the Indian tribes in the United States and Polynesia in Asia, then evolved into all the tribes of the world one of the Dayak tribe in Kalimantan. Tattoos are made as a symbol or a marker, can give a pride for the owner and a symbol of courage from the owner of the tattoo. Since the first time the tattoo was made also has such a purpose. Tattoos are believed to be a symbol of luck, social status, beauty, maturity, and self-esteem.

Tatto that means putting pigment into the skin. In technical terms, rajah is a micro pigment implantation. Pigments are biologically that make our skin color black, white, or there is also called brown, etc. That's why it's so hard to get rid of, because the pigment has joined the skin.
Tattoos used to be often used by the tribal estranged in a region of the world as a marking of territory, degrees, rank, even signify one's health.
Tattoos can be made on human and animal skins. Generally on human skin as a form of body modification, whereas in animals generally as an identification.
Types of tattoos are also very diverse, ranging from tattoos with the usual style, up to a 3D tattoo. Even now also have a 4D tattoo.
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