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If you are into free hidden object adventure games, this mystery quest has all it takes to keep you entertained. Let us mark just few points which make Time Gap one of the best seek-and-find games for the entire family.

① Free hidden object game for adventure souls
The sci-fi adventure takes you on a quest to return the missing humankind. When all people vanish in a blink of an eye, it’s up to you to return them. Was it an act of god or a conspiracy of some secret society? Travel the world and collect hidden clues to find out the truth. Explore beautiful hidden object scenes in a number of finding modes. Finding items is challenging even when you replay the HOS. That is because the list of hidden objects is generated randomly, and every single item has up to 5 different locations and shapes on the same picture.

② Match 3 and bubble games
The adventure game is built with variability in mind. Even a HOG addict would get bored if they have to find objects all the time, regardless of a dozen of searching modes. That’s why best free hidden object games also feature a number of matching games to enjoy in between. Hunt for storms on the map to trigger match 3 puzzles and bubble shooter games and earn generous rewards. The levels might be either limited on moves or on time, depending whether they have a thunderbolt icon. Tap the character icons to discover the bonus pachinko and collapse game.

③ Fun facts and smart quotes
Hidden artifacts often have a story behind them, that’s why a relic hunter learns many curious facts about the history of human civilization and the world around us. From mysteries of Ancient Egypt to wonders of deep space and dark matter. Embark on an interstellar voyage and find hidden treasures in this free hidden object game. Unravel the secret of the house of da Vinci as you learn more about the world and discover inspirational quotes.

④ Play free… we mean it!
Many hidden object games give an opportunity to play free without ads. Time Gap is not an exception. You can get various in-game goods as a daily bonus, receive them from friends as a gift, or earn them once you pass hidden object scenes or matching games. Yes, you may opt to watch a video for the desired reward, or spend real money. You may, but you don’t have to. You can keep playing the hidden object game offline or online 100% free, and update it without charge.

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⑤ Connect with friends
Over the last year many of us did feel like we were left alone in the whole world. But when you play free games with your friends, it helps to stay connected and entertained, which is also crucial. Play daily for your share of secrets and good mood. Compete with friends in weekly tournaments for generous rewards, and give a helping hand as you send them collectibles and energy. The best adventure is the one you can share with a friend. Why not now!

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Time Gap Hidden Object Mystery Latest Version Free Apk Download

Time Gap Hidden Object MysteryLatest Version Apk Download

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Time Gap Hidden Object Mystery

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Time Gap Hidden Object MysteryLatest Version Apk Download

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