Tower Defence Domination -v1.3

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Tower Defence Domination(TDD) defend a point by building structures to stave off the enemy waves. Once built, the structures target and attack enemies automatically. Each "tower" acts differently– some attack a single target, some attack multiple targets, and some don't attack at all but provide support to others. The player decides which ones to build and where to build them.

☆ Addictive 2D Game
☆ 30+ Levels
☆ 30+ Different Enemies
☆ 28+ Different Defences
☆ Daily Rewards
☆Upgrades for your towers
☆ Special weapons

In Tower Defence Domination are you able to build defending Towers on specific platforms. You should defend your base with them. Tanks will roll on one ore more roads to your base. For each killed tank you will earn some money. You also will earn money for each cleared wave. Money is needed to build or upgrade you towers in Tower Defence Domination.

Your towers are able to take damage, but there is a healing ability.
Abilities need energy which is automatically refilled.

Advertising & In-App-Purchases:
The Team of developers, testers and designers also needs to earn some money. For this case we show an Ad-Video after each level.

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– 500 Gem
– 1520 Gem
– 3100 Gem
– 7800 Gem
– 15750 Gem
– 26200 Gem

Special Weapons

-Rocket Launcher
-Poison Tower
-Thunder Tower

Gems can be used to reinforce your towers with the coins.

Play our Tower Defender Domination for free.
We hope you will enjoy our game.

Tower Defence Domination -v1.3 Free Apk Download

Tower Defence Domination-v1.3 Apk Download

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Tower Defence Domination

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Tower Defence Domination-v1.3 Apk Download

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