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Inner power is a popular concept in Malay society in Southeast Asia especially in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Deep power is considered a human power that has tremendous power. Internal power is distinguished from external labor (which is usually referred to simply as "power" only) in the form of physical energy such as the strength of the hand muscles lifting the goods. [1]

Basically everyone has what is called inner power, only they do not know how to awaken or develop it. That power has been around since human beings have been born. But the power is still passive and at times will rise if the person is in a state of panic, sleep walking, hypnotized or terrified fears.

Example: A person who is afraid of dogs will have a remarkable ability in running to avoid the chase of a fast-paced dog. When pressed, the person can jump over the wall as high as 2 m with one jump. Excessive fear can awaken the inner power of being 'asleep'. Automatically the inner power gets up and stretches on both legs that are being used to run, but after it has managed to save itself the power subsides and the energy is 'sleeping' back. Then the person realizes that he has done something extraordinary.
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