UFO-d -v0.6

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A fun game which can be played by anyone. It has various challenges to keep you guessing. It is a game to predict and time your moves. It is about the decisions that you make to keep the player alive and succeed in wining the challenge.

The game revolves around battle between a spaceship and various types of UFOs, rocks, bombers. There are power-ups for the space-ship which can be used to destroy the UFOs and win the challenges.

Each challenge in the game is to destroy a target number UFO. The type of the UFOs, power-ups all varies and keeps you guessing what's next.

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It is a fun game with cool graphics and with various challenges. Play and have lots of fun.

The game is developed and designed by Silver Games Studio. The current stable version is 0.6

UFO-d -v0.6 Free Apk Download

UFO-d-v0.6 Apk Download

Apk Download org.silver.games.ufod Android App


package id org.silver.games.ufod
Rating 0
Catgory Action
version 0.6
UFO-d-v0.6 Apk Download

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