Ultimate WebView App Demo -v3.0.4

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Ultimate WebView is advance App created by AbhiAndroid having 20+ features. This is a demo of the App.

This source code with bonus can be purchase from here -http://abhiandroid.com/sourcecode/webview/

App Features:

-Material Design
-Admob (Banner & interstitial)
-FCM (Firebase push notification)
-On click of ShareDialog you can choose whether to share PlayStore App link or website link
-Youtube videos won't play in background to support Youtube policy
-No Admob banner and interstitial ads will be shown on Youtube video link to support Youtube policy
-Basic upload feature in website is now supported
-Internet not available screen now has try again button
-Pdf will load within App itself
-Customized Navigation Menu
-Share Dialog
-Support video (youtube, Vimeo etc)
-Intent to open sms, phone, emails or Map
-Open link internally, external browser or in other external App
-Map search
-Map address
-Download Manager
-Rate my app prompt
-Google Firebase analytics tracking
-Pull to refresh
-Local HTML pages
-Runtime permission
-Actionbar with unlimited color theme possibility
-Support javascript, HTML5 and other standard web technology
-Custom Offline handling
-Multi language support
-Download Manager
-Supports from Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and newer.
-Confirmation exit message via Snackbar or Toast
-Error Handling
-Multiple Language Support
-Support Responsive Design in Mobile and Tablet
-Handle portrait and landscape change correctly
-Support target="_blank" link of Website in Ultimate WebView App
-Documentation updated with more details

Ultimate WebView App Demo -v3.0.4 Free Apk Download

Ultimate WebView App Demo-v3.0.4 Apk Download

Apk Download abhiandroid.com.ultimatewebview Android App

Ultimate WebView App Demo

package id abhiandroid.com.ultimatewebview
Rating 3.6
Catgory Libraries & Demo
version 3.0.4
Ultimate WebView App Demo-v3.0.4 Apk Download

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