Underwater Counter Terrorist: -v1.9

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Being a special US army underwater agent to carry out critical terrorist sabotage missions & attacks to eliminate powerful mafia crime under the sea and rescue sea world with modern underwater weapons of explosive powers. Go into deep sea to identify enemy borders with counter attack strategy against powerful enemy lines and rescue the innocent people from sea mafia. You are equipped with modern underwater assault guns and sniper shooter modern and advanced weapons to eliminate sea gangsters and underworld underwater mafia shooters along with offline shark attacks with zero fail record in this FPS shooting game and wargames. Being an elite shooter and frontline assault killer skydive into underwater territory of criminal mafia with your secret weapons to destroy their existence in this full of entertainment and adventure. Download Underwater Counter Terrorist Mission, one of the best underwater mafia rescue simulator and FPS shooting action games with shark attacks simulation and critical island missions of this thrilling underwater game.

You would have never played FPS shooting game underwater into deep sea with sea world counter attack missions. Adventure in this amazing commando action war game which is an eccentric blend of frontline fps shooting and commando mission games into deep sea and sea islands with crew survival fps shooter of year 2019. You will be entertained with deep sea under water thrill and sensation in this modern fps offline counter attack along with shark attacks. A complete entertainment package full of adventure with unlimited action and rescue simulation challenging & action-packed missions by underwater offline shooters unseen in any wargames.

Underwater Counter Terrorist Mission Features:
– Underwater FPS Shooter with modern ammunition and weapons
– Deep sea challenging missions in cool and thrilling locations
– Objective based action packed underwater & island missions
– Assault and Sniper shooting options with classic as well as modern weapons
– Tons of modern weaponry to shoot in water for brutal covert operations into deep sea world

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Play Underwater Counter Terrorist Mission to counter attack with deep sea modern weapons having explosive powers the supreme of commando games sniper games and survival games.

Underwater Counter Terrorist: -v1.9 Free Apk Download

Underwater Counter Terrorist: -v1.9 Apk Download

Apk Download com.ga.under.water.counter.terrorist.attack Android App

Underwater Counter Terrorist:

package id com.ga.under.water.counter.terrorist.attack
Rating 3
Catgory Action
version 1.9
Underwater Counter Terrorist: -v1.9 Apk Download

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