Underworld Police Battle 3D : -v0.8

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Underworld Police Battle is one of the best FPS game on the play store. The game is packed with a lot of features packed into a single package. You can play stealth missions by choosing a knife or silent gun and strategics how to kill the enemies. For advance combat, choose from among the many advance weapons and then step into the war area. Explode the rebel vehicles and destroy the ammunition to weaken the snipers stronghold. Find and collect the bombs then place them on the oil tanker to eliminate the terrorists.

In each mission you will be in a different enemy territory. You are required to carefully observe the enemy and the environment, then develop an attack strategy. The scenario of the game changes with the environment. When you are playing on a mountain, the snipers cover the top area. When you are in a jungle or forest, you will need to eliminate the terrorist and rebels, and free the civilians. If your find yourself inside the city, your mission will be to kill the mafia and collect the money and important documents. One thing common in every mission is the enemy hideouts. You need to clear these hideouts otherwise it will be very difficult to complete the mission. You are the main commando and snipers equipped with a number of advance weapons. You are also equipped with radar to help detect the enemy's location.

Some missions require you to destroy the cameras and satellite equipment t stop the communication between the forces and headquarters. You will need to equip yourself with the appropriate weapons like the Sniper, Carbine, SMG, Blowback SMG, CQ16, KWA Kriss Vector or whatever you like.

In some mission you need to chase down Enemy Bosses, RPGs, and Heavy Snipers. So you need to equip yourself with the state of the art military weapons to strike down the enemy.

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Underworld Police Battle 3D Features:
◉ Powerful classic infantry weapons to choose from including machine guns, sub machine guns, shotguns, sniper and pistols.
◉ Tactical military adventure maps set in a realistic environment.
◉ Serve Justice, earn medals, and unlock powerful guns.
◉ Encounter various threats including stealth, gunners, snipers and bombers.
◉ Earn star and raise you ranks.
◉ Very challenging and intense warfare action
◉ Thrilling missions with new game objectives
◉ Advance enemy AI like RPGs, Sniper, Mafias, Machine Gun, Humvee and Bosses
◉ HDR sky box with realistic real time lighting effects.

So what are you waiting for? Hold your breath and download and play this Underworld Police Battle FPS Game from the Google Play Store. Your feedback and ratings are valuable to us so we can keep improving and bring amazing games for you and your friends.

In case if you find any bugs that need to be addressed, just send us an email. We will fix them and get back to you as soon as possible.

Underworld Police Battle 3D : -v0.8 Free Apk Download

Underworld Police Battle 3D : -v0.8 Apk Download

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Underworld Police Battle 3D :

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Underworld Police Battle 3D : -v0.8 Apk Download

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