VDI Car Check -v1.1

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One of the UK's most complete vehicle checks, all from the convenience of your phone.

£40,000 Guarantee (terms and conditions apply)

VDI Car Check is a complete Vehicle History Check for UK vehicles.

We check Cars, Bikes, Vans and LCVs.

Our Checks include:

+ Outstanding Finance Check / Logbook Loan – Does someone have an Hire Purchase agreement or payday loan on the vehicle?
+ Insurance Write-Off – Has the car been involved in an insurance claim which resulted in the car being categorised as a write-off?
+ Mileage History Check – Are there any discrepancies recorded with the mileage?
+ Stolen Check – Has the car been reported stolen with the UK police?
+ VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) comparison check, Engine number check
+ High Risk – Is the vehicle marked as high risk (Where a company puts an alert on the car to prevent its sale, such as a taxi company)
+ Scrapped / Imported / Exported from the DVLA
+ MOT History
+ Technical & Performance Details
+ Running Costs

VDI Car Check -v1.1 Free Apk Download

VDI Car Check-v1.1 Apk Download

Apk Download com.vdicheck.vdimobilev2 Android App

VDI Car Check

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VDI Car Check-v1.1 Apk Download

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