Vehicle registration details -v5.9.4

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NOTE – This app only works for Indian Vehicles, if you want support for your country, mail me. This app is not affiliated with the Government of India.

**It's Working** (03June 2022)

Our app vehicle search pages and results load fastest. Give it a try yourself.

Works for all the States, including Andhra pradesh

Please note – Not all vehicles' owner data is yet available in the public database, so if you don't find any vehicle, don't downvote please. It will show up only after your RTO office uploads that vehicle's data.
Read Ministry of Road transport & Highways' notification –

Find vehicle owner 's NAME, ADDRESS and all vehicle registration details right by entering its Vehicle NUMBER PLATE details. (INDIAN RTO)

Benefits of using RTO vehicle info app –

● Now find whose car is parked in your parking area.
● Who owns the car who dangerously drives through your locality.
● People in the business of resale of vehicles can be sure of the documents and ownership.
● People buying second hand vehicles can know who was the original owner.
● Stray and suspicious car lying close to your home/office or building.
● tax details, insurance detail with RTO
● Second hand vehicle buyers can confirm whether the ownership is transferred to their name.

Vehicle registration details -v5.9.4 Free Apk Download

Vehicle registration details-v5.9.4 Apk Download

Apk Download com.digit64.vehicle.rto Android App

Vehicle registration details

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Vehicle registration details-v5.9.4 Apk Download

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