VideoAE-Video Editor & AE 3D -v3.5.9

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Video AE is a video editor suitable for making short videos (eg: TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Musically,Youtube), and it is also a GIF maker.
It not only has the professional functions of general video editors, but also supports AE-specific functions such as 3D models and particles. It not only comes with material libraries but also video templates, so no video editing experience is required.
Free & no watermark!

●Key frame: position, center point, zoom, rotation, transparency, bevel, speed.
Make static pictures, text, shapes and colors move!
●3D: thickness, texture, material.
Customize the display effect of each side of the 3D layer to make your work more exciting!
●Model: Shipped with a lot of models and Models support flexible texture mapping, and you can also import custom models.(supported formats:obj、off、stl、wrl、ply、mesh)
Model: Support gltf2.0 model texture,
●Sound effects: volume, speed, fade in and fade out, beat track.
Support variable speed and constant tuning, create the sound effects you need!
●Beat track: full layer, previous beat/next beat.
Making beat videos is easier!
●Adjustment layer: add parent layer, control the number of layers, collapse sublayers, delete tape sublayers.
One-click control of multiple layers, making the production more convenient, and the page more refreshing!
●New material library: rename, replace, delete.
If you are not satisfied with the preview effect, you can change the material with one click to simplify the operation process!
●Generate works without watermark for free! You can choose the video or GIF format, do not compress the picture or video quality, and customize the size, definition and frame rate of the generated work!

★Professional function
●Material type: picture, GIF, video, audio, solid color, gradient color, shape, custom shape, text, pre-composition, transition layer.
Add all kinds of materials at will to make your own wonderful works!
● Fusion mode: multiple color mixing modes to create a double exposure artistic effect!
●Special effects: ordinary special effects, time special effects.
Support adjusting the key frame parameters of special effects, and customize exclusive special effects! More exciting special effects will be launched one after another!
●Particles: Unity has the same particle setting, which can present many different pictures according to the changes of particle attributes and space model.
●Mask: transparent background image, custom mask.
The dynamic mask is even more stunning!
●Matte: Let the work have a cool opening!
●Project settings: layer track, project duration, resolution, frame rate.
The duration of the layer track project is unlimited, and the resolution and frame rate can be changed at any time.
●Convenient gadgets: audio separation, one-click hide other, cut, etc.
A variety of convenient gadgets, the more you use, the more you like, the richer the production process, and it is easy to achieve with one click!

★Basic functions
●Fine adjustment: move, rotate, zoom.
A variety of adjustment methods, there is always one suitable for you!
●Basic editing: delete, copy, flip, trim, crop, split, sort, reverse and replace.
The basic tools are equally comprehensive!
●Font: Import favorite fonts with one click, more freedom!

This is our carefully crafted software, but there are areas for improvement. We try our best to ensure that it can be used normally on various brands and models of mobile phones, but we are a small team, and sometimes mistakes are inevitable. If you encounter any problems or feedback, you can contact us in the following ways, we promise not to be perfunctory, we will reply, and try our best to solve the problem! Looking forward to your use and feedback, it will get better and better!
◆Contact us via email, email account: [email protected];
◆Contact us via WhatsApp,;
◆Contact us via Youtube, account number: GIF Master VideoAE.

VideoAE-Video Editor & AE 3D -v3.5.9 Free Apk Download

VideoAE-Video Editor & AE 3D-v3.5.9 Apk Download

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VideoAE-Video Editor & AE 3D

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VideoAE-Video Editor & AE 3D-v3.5.9 Apk Download

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