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Violence 2 is an action packed top view 2d shooter game!

Originally conceived in 1996 for pc/dos, now reimagined for Android with
– Intuitive touch controls. Virtual d-pads center wherever you first touch. Walk and shoot with ease in any direction.
– Many and varied maps. From a few screens to thousands of screens big. From a walk in the park, to pure carnage and challenging mazes.
– Many weapons. Detailed design with unique range, fire rate, damage, sound, bullets and shells.
– A miner tool for digging dirt and pushing stones and crates.
– Gear upgrades. From armor and walking speed to melee damage or ammo capacity.
– Modern(ish) graphics and effects.
– Many enemies.

Discover each level, defeat monsters, collect crystals. Pick up health and ammo boosts along the way, find keys, and make your way to the exit.
There are five "Campaign" episodes in different environments with a total of 50 maps.
Gain progress and credits gradually by reaching the exit of maps, clear out all enemies and collect all crystals. For the credits you can buy better, more powerful weapons and gear in the "Armory".

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There are also the game modes
– "Waves", where you face ever harder waves of enemies on smaller maps.
– "The Wall", where you must stop an endless onslaught of enemies to breach through the walls.

Violence 2 also has a "Tweaks" menu that can be unlocked which allows to customize the player's color and voice, as well as gore level, endless ammo/health etc.

Violence 2 is free to play, no ads, and has three in app purchase items that is persistent and tied to the google account.

Violence 2 -v0.97 Free Apk Download

Violence 2-v0.97 Apk Download

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Violence 2

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Violence 2-v0.97 Apk Download

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