VIRAGOworld AR -v0.1

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Welcome to #VIRAGOworld

With this application augmented reality, you can revive the VIRAGOon the coverof the Bookand everywhere you meet the symbol "EYE"

Press the “EYE”button and pointyour camerainto the illustration. Itwillbecomealive!

The world is moving streamly. Each year this moving becomes more intensive. We learn to consume more and more material things, but instead, we begin to need the spiritual more than ever. Religions don’t cope with speeds, causing natural doubts. Alien ideologies and schemes work only temporarily and don’t produce the desired results. All religions seek for a Love in different Gods… We are looking for it among ourselves and in the union of the Community and Nature.
Intuitively, many people realize that true filling, spiritual development and transformation occur when you stay in the information field of a strong person.
The VIRAGO is Big Knowing Mother. In the minds of people – this is a collective image. But She really exists. And those who seek a better world will obviously take place in her circle.

The VIRAGO is the one that mixes: potions, destinies, emotions, feelings, worlds …

Music by Victor Verba (Zhalnin)
Illustration by Maria Lazebna

VIRAGOworld AR -v0.1 Free Apk Download

VIRAGOworld AR-v0.1 Apk Download

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VIRAGOworld AR-v0.1 Apk Download

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