VIREO Shooting Game -v0.4

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Fly into space to kill evil aliens, collect health tokens and save the world! Join Vireo on shooting mission to save our planet. Become a hero! You don’t even need to get up from the coach to do that. Just download game for FREE and start shooting.
Vireo is not another bland shooter. It is probably the only of free shooting games designed to please your senses and aesthetics. You are awarded with backgrounds and special effects created by award winning graphic designers and animators. Layouts and characters of a quality that until now have been reserved for video game consoles and PC only. Background music was composed especially for this game. Never before, was such quality available in 100% FREE shooter games or free games to play in general.
The game is available for phones and tablets. It is simple to play, but gets more challenging with every level, as you encounter a growing number of vireos attacking you at a higher speed. Download game, hit play and you are off to save the world.
Vireo is one of free shooter games to play that takes place in space. You are on a mission to save the planet. You need to eliminate as many alien enemies as you can before they destroy you and the world. To help your planet become immune to the attack, you also need to provide health tokens that you collect during your mission: vitamins for balanced diet and soaps for proper body hygiene.
You were chosen to save the Earth from an evil alien vireo that wants to attack our planet. That is why, you are send into space to destroy the enemy by shooting at it. You need to visit numerous planets all over universe with your shooter gun and destroy the alien before it destroys us. Each level of the free shooter games is a trip to a new planet in outer space and requires killing different number of vireos. You need to get just 10 points to complete the first level, but 20 to complete Level 2 and as much as 100 on level 10. You are awarded one point for killing one vireo. The alien enemies grow in number and speed from planet to planet. The further the planet (higher level), the more challenging shooting the vireo. Remember to dodge from the aliens that you were unable to destroy, as they will take your life once they hit you.
To help your planet not only by shooting the enemy, you can contribute to making it a safe place that is immune to any alien creatures that may want to attack it in the future. In order to make the Earth strong, you need to collect vitamins for balanced diet, and soaps for proper body hygiene. You are awarded one point for each health token you collect. Number of tokens is same throughout the game. Tokens cannot be destroyed by your shooting or by the alien vireo. They are immune to both.
You were given three lives to complete the mission. Once you lose your three lives, this shooter gives you an option to get a reward life. Make sure you use it to complete your mission and save the Earth by shooting all aliens of the vireo tribe in outer space.
You can share your score with your friends on your social network accounts and invite them to download game and try to beat your score. You can also compare your shooting results with players all around the world as your results will be saved on our Top Score board.

– 100% free games
– Unique 2D design that will take you back to Kubrick’s “2001: Space Odyssey”
– Simply awesome special effects and animations
– Original background music
– Options to win extra points and lives
– Possibility to challenge friends to beat you
– Challenging levels
– Global Leaderboard

VIREO Shooting Game -v0.4 Free Apk Download

VIREO Shooting Game-v0.4 Apk Download

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VIREO Shooting Game

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VIREO Shooting Game-v0.4 Apk Download

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