Virtual 8 Ball Pool Opponent -v1

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This is possibly the worlds first ever Virtual Pool Opponent! Instead of practising alone, go down the club and play for real against your phone/tablet. You simply play your shot and then tell the app when you've missed etc. He will then tell you how many balls he potted and where the white finished. It handles snookers, foul shots, keeps frame scores and much more !

Playing 8 ball pool can get monotonous so this is an ideal challenge to keep you interested in playing when your friends are not around. The simple interface makes this very unique Pool app easier to use than you would think. Yes the idea is a little crazy, but when you get in to it, it will have you tearing your hair out as he puts up a good fight!

It will not only help improve your pool game, but also links to our main website.. where you can view our online coaching tutorials, videos, live streams, rules and even buy equipment etc.

If you play eight ball pool, download this now and let us know how you got on. We appreciate ratings and reviews to help get this out there. Please share it with your pool buddies! Many thanks.

Virtual 8 Ball Pool Opponent -v1 Free Apk Download

Virtual 8 Ball Pool Opponent-v1 Apk Download

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Virtual 8 Ball Pool Opponent

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Virtual 8 Ball Pool Opponent-v1 Apk Download

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