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Vote for your political party. See live results. Vote all year round. Change your vote. Engage in lively political discussions with other voters in your country and across the world. VOTE enable you to determine in real time which political party is in the rise and which one is dragging. It allows voters to present arguments to convinve other voters to change their vote.

Which is the best university in your country? You can vote on that too and see how others have voted.

What about the best NightClub? Check out how thousands have voted on this every time you visit a new city.

Who is the best employer out there? Are you looking for a job? Check out the top voted employer. Are you happy with your employer? Vote for her as a show of appreciation.

Who is the hottest celebrity in your country? Be a real fan and vote him as the best celebrity ever.

Is there a great book you have read? Is it possibly the best you have read so far. Propose and vote for it. Let others read it.

Know of any great upcoming lawyer who gave you great service? What about that super doctor that always gets you well. Propose and vote for them as a way to give back.

Did the insurance company pay your compensation on time. Give back by voting them as your favourite insurance company.

What about your bank? Is it very understand when managing your loan? Is the customer care amazing? Vote for your bank?

Don't know which is the latest song in the country. Check out voting trends in your country to get the latest song.

With VOTE you can also talk other voters and exchange ideas, not only within your country but all around the world.

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VOTE-v1.24 Apk Download

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VOTE-v1.24 Apk Download

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