VPN Safe Wi-Fi Connection – K -v1.3.3

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KINGSOFT Security VPN is an app that securely connects you to the internet.

Securely connect to free public Wi-Fi, access regionally limited content from Japan, and prevent ad trackers from re-targeting you!

Features of KINGSOFT Security VPN
-VPN Connection-
Easily connect with a single tap from the home screen! The app will automatically connect to the best server and protect your internet connection. As data is encrypted by connection via VPN, important information is protected from "theft" and "falsification" of data.

-Speed Test-
Check the security and speed of your network using Speed Test. You can test whether the communication is encrypted, if there are any risks such as theft of personal information, and whether the communication speed (downloading / uploading) is good.

-Easy Connect-
When this setting is ON, a toggle switch that can turn VPN connection ON and OFF will be displayed in the notifications center of your device. You can easily connect to the VPN without having to open up the app in prior. You can select whether to have the toggle switch to be always showing, only when connected, and off at all times.

-Connection Results-
When disconnecting from the VPN, your connection result will be displayed in the results screen. Here you can check the connection time, the amount of data used (download/upload), and the remaining amount of Data available to use the app.

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-Usage Check-
Check the daily usage trend through a visual graph and the amount of remaining packets for the current month. Although data usage can be confirmed on device settings, here you can check the usage of only when connected to free public Wi-Fi (via VPN connection).

-Points and Data-
KINGSOFT Security VPN uses "Points" and “Packets” unique to every user. Data is needed in order to connect to the VPN, and Points can be exchanged with Data.
Data ▶ The amount of Data is proportional to the amount of data consumed during VPN connection through this app.
Points ▶ These are the basic currency within the app. Acquire points in various ways to exchange for Data.

Easy encrypted connections! Using KINGSOFT Security VPN
To start using the app to connect to a VPN, follow the easy steps below:

1. Allow app permissions (these will be needed to identify each one of you!)
2. Read the short app descriptions and select whether to use for Free or Subscription
3. Once finished, tap the big "Connect" button to start a secure connection!

Why use a VPN?
▶ To view websites restricted in your region
▶ For a more secure internet environment: When connected to a VPN, your IP Address will be hidden when you surf the internet, so no one can track your browsing activities.
▶ If you are on a business trip or studying abroad, a VPN is your great tool to use.

VPN Safe Wi-Fi Connection – K -v1.3.3 Free Apk Download

VPN Safe Wi-Fi Connection -  K-v1.3.3 Apk Download

Apk Download jp.kingsoft.security.vpn Android App

VPN Safe Wi-Fi Connection – K

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VPN Safe Wi-Fi Connection -  K-v1.3.3 Apk Download

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