Warriors fight -v3

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this game has more then 2 heroes every hero has abilitys and his strength and stamina,you can play against (sword golum,archer golum,fighting skeletons with swords,skeleton that uses magic, demons and a lot of other monsters) you can play waves or play 1 vs 1 online and vs pc.in this game there are more then 3 boses every one have so much special abilitys and they are very strong.the game has no story just a fighting game you can buy skins and other abilities by getting coins in the game.every hero has 3 abilitys in the start you can use just 3 abilities and then you can buy abilities in the store the first hero uses sword and high combo his abilities is uses slashes, spawn dragons and fireballs he has a low strength and middle mana (the mana is the power in thios game without mana you can not attack or use abilities) and he has a high jump.the other hero uses axe use a middle combo has a huge strength but uses a lot of mana by attacking and abilities but has lot of health and he is very slow by moving and his jump is very low his abilities is all with thunder there are very beautifual but uses lot of mana.the third hero is the magicer and he has a middle attack low combo and middle strength and high mana middle jump fast moving.this hero has a lot of abilities spawning beams magic. and this are the heroes the bosses are all monstersand the normal enemys are golum,demons,monsters,skeletons but they are very strong and they are a lot of them.there will be more heroes then now but for now i think the number of heroes is ok 3 heroes now and another hero is coming soon all the heroes uses natur abilities like(fire,thunder,darkness magic,light,storms,… and more) and they are so much thing in the game but i can not say it all.the game is very small but has a lot of things in the game so many characters and abilities and bosses i think it the size of the game is very suited for all the character in it and the graphic is very good and suited the game.i hope you like the game and report me if there is any bug in the game.hope you enjoy the game leavce a rating to the game and thank you for reading this.

Warriors fight -v3 Free Apk Download

Warriors fight-v3 Apk Download

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Warriors fight

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Warriors fight-v3 Apk Download

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