We Vote Ballot Guide, @WeVote -v2.3.0

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Finally, an easier way to decide how to vote. View your ballot and all endorsements in one place, so you can actually plan out your ballot in six minutes or less! We Vote compiles endorsements from friends, organizations, and campaigns you trust in a smooth seamless app.

As we near election day, you will be able to see your full ballot populated with endorsements from your friends, nonprofits, political parties, and your local community. Quickly plan out your whole ballot, from president to school board, or spend more time learning about political candidates and ballot measures. Support democracy and be a positive influence by sharing your customized ballot recommendations with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, and text.

**Be sure to bring We Vote with you to the polls for an easy-to-use voter guide. (Approximately 12 states limit phone use in polling place, so please double-check.)**

* Aren’t sure where to start? That’s ok! Don't be discouraged by politics, you can make a difference. We Vote provides accurate, unbiased tools that will help you match your values to your vote.

* Use the We Vote Election Center to find your polling place.

* We Vote helps you make your voting choices, but it does not electronically submit your vote. (You will still need to vote by mail, or vote in person, to have your vote count.)

* We Vote aggregates ballot data from non-partisan, non-profit, and government ballot databases. A balanced selection of clearly identified voting guides from newspapers and media is also provided, along with partisan voter guides from a diversity of sources.

* We Vote is developed by a group of non-partisan volunteers, who work towards the goal of increased voter participation. We Vote is not a branch of the government.

* Learn more and join our mailing list: https://WeVote.US/more/about

We Vote Ballot Guide, @WeVote -v2.3.0 Free Apk Download

We Vote Ballot Guide, @WeVote-v2.3.0 Apk Download

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We Vote Ballot Guide, @WeVote

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We Vote Ballot Guide, @WeVote-v2.3.0 Apk Download

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