Wi-Fi Messenger Client -v1.3.0.25

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Wi-Fi Messenger Client requires Wi-Fi Messenger Server to function.

The Wi-Fi Messenger Client for Android provides a native Android application for sending and receiving Wi-Fi Messenger alerts over a Wi-Fi or carrier network. When a handset leaves Wi-Fi coverage messages are auto-rerouted for carrier SMS delivery. Upon returning to Wi-Fi coverage registration with the Wi-Fi Messenger Server is automatic. Wi-Fi Messenger Client allows a user to receive text messages from our FirstPAGE family of products, as well as allow users to interact with each other in a secure on-site messaging solution.

Wi-Fi Messenger Client -v1.3.0.25 Free Apk Download

Wi-Fi Messenger Client-v1.3.0.25 Apk Download

Apk Download com.seqent.Wi_Fi_Messenger Android App

Wi-Fi Messenger Client

package id com.seqent.Wi_Fi_Messenger
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Catgory Communication
Wi-Fi Messenger Client-v1.3.0.25 Apk Download

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