Wish2Wish -v1.10

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Share your happy birthday greeting cards.
Get best wishes on your birthday.

How does it work:

1. Create wish card to get wish point
2. On your birthday, you will receive happy birthday greeting cards

Wish Card fields:

• Image: the wish card image to send
• Month: birthday's month of users will receive card
• Day: birthday's day of users will receive card, need select month before select day field
• Language: language of users will receive card
• Gender: gender of users will receive card

*note: on your's birthday, if app can not find any card for your's profile or your wish point is 0, wish text will be send instead

Wish2Wish -v1.10 Free Apk Download

Wish2Wish-v1.10 Apk Download

Apk Download com.phaman.wish2wish Android App


package id com.phaman.wish2wish
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Catgory Communication
version 1.10
Wish2Wish-v1.10 Apk Download

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