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1. In accordance with Finance
Buying bridal clothing requires a lot of expenditure, even in buying wedding clothing alone has been paid a considerable cost. So wedding dress is also a priority that you need to pay attention to other costs. Fatal problems can happen if to buy a dress alone already spend half the cost for your wedding. Though clothing with an expensive price is not necessarily suitable with you and your partner.
2. In accordance with the Custom / Wedding Theme
Clothing that you will use must match the theme of the wedding that you will title. Do not look strange because do not use clothes that match the theme of your wedding. For example, if the theme you choose is Islamic wedding theme then choose a closed fashion style by using hijab for the bride.
3. In accordance with wedding decorations
Clothing that will be used also must be adjusted with wedding decorations, if you have prepared clothes that will be worn before wedding decorations, then you have to adjust to the wedding decorations. Do not get used clothing does not match the decor of your wedding party.
4. In accordance with your own style
There are several wedding dresses that you can choose, but the style that you will choose should be in accordance with your personality, custom or daily life. If you are a Muslim. Better to choose clothing with a more closed Islamic theme.
5. Practical use
Clothes are complicated will make your wedding also complicated later. Imagine, when you are busy you through the process of exhausting marriage, you have to mess around with a wedding dress ribet when used so that to wear it takes a long time.
6. In accordance with your Body
Sometimes we force ourselves to buy clothes that do not fit, but because the model likes then forced to wear them, just because they want to look beautiful. In fact, using a wedding dress that does not fit or not in accordance with your body, will make his appearance uncomfortable seen by others.
7. Comfortable material when used
Material is one of the factors that make your clothes comfortable to wear or not. Choose materials for quality wedding clothing that can absorb sweat and cold when worn, do not otherwise make hot when used.
8. Color
What style of clothing you will use later, both traditionally and modern do not get out of harmony with your skin tone. For example, pale white clothing color is not necessarily suitable to be viewed by everyone.
Similarly Tips on Choosing the Right Wedding Dress for Marriage for you married, may be useful.
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