YRC Setting -v2.2.4

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YRC Setting is an application that can operate the 2015-2020 model YAMAHA YZF-R1/R1M equipped with YRC (*1) through a tablet or smartphone. It has the same operational feel as the vehicle's YRC, and allows you to determine settings without worrying about time or location. Download vehicle-setting conditions, and then upload the settings you have made on your tablet or smartphone back to the vehicle. Settings can be recorded and managed in a variety of ways. Exchanging data with friends means non-stop fun. Now, put this in your pocket and get out on the circuit!
■With YRC Setting you can do…
・YRC View
Reproduce the look of your vehicle’s dashboard, and specify individual control parameters that mimic its feel.
Vehicle data can be downloaded and setting changes can be uploaded to the vehicle.
・List View
In a list view display format, settings can be determined while comparing each control value.
*1) YAMAHA Ride Control (system for storing and managing various electronic control levels)

■Supported environment
OS: Android 5 or later
RAM: 2GB or more
Device that confirmed works: Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Nexus 9
・ This application works on smartphone or tablet device.
・ It does not guarantee the works on all devices.

・ Please use the application safely, and observe traffic rules and precautions.
・ Please use only when the motorcycle is stopped in a safe location.
・ It is not guaranteed that the app will operate in all vehicles. Installation position and the installation method of the CCU may affect its accuracy, sensitivity and operation.
・ To use some functions of this application, you will need an Internet connection via mobile data communication or wireless LAN.
・ It is not guaranteed that the numbers displayed in this application are accurate.

・ This application is for use with select Yamaha vehicles. For inquiries, please contact your Yamaha dealer.

YRC Setting -v2.2.4 Free Apk Download

YRC Setting-v2.2.4 Apk Download

Apk Download com.yamaha.yrcsettingtool Android App

YRC Setting

package id com.yamaha.yrcsettingtool
Rating 4.4
Catgory Sports
version 2.2.4
YRC Setting-v2.2.4 Apk Download

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