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From now on you do not need to search for free parking place. application will navigate you to the nearest available parking place according to your destination. The application will provide you with information about total capacity of parking lot, parking conditions, and in case the parking lot is equipped with occupancy sensor technology, with online information about occupancy of specific parking place as well. You can pay easily for parking right from your car.

The application is available also without registration. However, we recommend you to register and create an account. In that case, you can add more car registration numbers and you will be able to review the history of your payments. You do not need to keep an eye on your parking time, the application will send you a notification that you need to prolong your parking ticket.
In selected locations, the application will provide you with a summary of all your parking payments and is not limited only to payments via the application (for example, parking tickets issued by parking meters can also be integrated into the application).

Currently you can use the application in selected cities but their number will be gradually increased. For your comfort, we will be adding new public parking lots to the application.

You can find us, for example, in Žiar nad Hronom, Galanta, Prievidza, Bratislava, Dolný Kubín and gradually in other cities.
You will find web application on

For older devices, we recommend you to have updated Android System WebView component for the best possible experience -v1.5.0.3 Free Apk Download Apk Download

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