ZUBİZU – Advantages in Brands -v1.9.95

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ZUBİZU – Advantages in Brands

ZUBİZU inspires from most up-to-date trends and regularly presents you brand new content according to your lifestyle and interests. It offers you special discounts and campaigns while shopping from your favorite brands.

ZUBİZU application is designed to offer you a more advantageous and enjoyable lifestyle.

What awaits you in the world of ZUBİZU?

Homepage: You can find new contents and featured campaigns tailored to your interests.

Through ZUBİZU, you can earn Smart Points for your Shell V-Power purchases at contracted Shell stations, and CarrefourSA points for your shopping at CarrefourSA.

Campaigns: You will meet special discounts and advantages available at popular venues, your favorite restaurants and the brands you shop.

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eXtra Limit: You will meet ZUBİZU eXtra Limit, your new generation digital consumer finance that you can apply for free within minutes and offers up to 36 monthly installments for all your purchases. Apply now quickly, easily and completely online without the need to go to a branch to ZUBIZU eXtra Limit, and start spending your limit by QR code at stores or with your card information at online shopping!

Special for me: With special offers of ZUBİZU, sometimes you might feel special with a luxury spa campaign where you will pamper yourself, sometimes you can get the privilege of dining at a restaurant where it's hard to get place, or even you will get an early reservation discount for a luxurious holiday at the most exclusive travel destinations. With ZUBİZU, you can plan your day by tracking closest the sales points of fashion brands on the maps . You can enjoy your day with special offers and discounts at different merchants and restaurants offered by ZUBİZU.

Download the application to meet ZUBİZU world full of special offers and advantages. Also follow us on our social media accounts.

• Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZUBİZUApp

• Instagram: https://instagram.com/ZUBİZUApp

• Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZUBİZUApp

ZUBİZU – Advantages in Brands -v1.9.95 Free Apk Download

ZUBİZU – Advantages in Brands-v1.9.95 Apk Download

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ZUBİZU – Advantages in Brands

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ZUBİZU – Advantages in Brands-v1.9.95 Apk Download

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